Stevie Crooks

The only way to describe Stevie Crooks is ski mask music and raw aggression. He is a very humble cat but when it comes to his music and performance, it’s a total three sixty; there aren’t that many artist like that. Stevie Crooks’ CSTC mixtape will make you feel like you’re back in the 90’s again, only a few artist in this world can rap over classic beats and do them justice; he did that on every beat; from Mobb Deep – Shook Once pt2 to Camp Lo – Luchini to Common – Used to Love H.E.R. He’s bringing back substance & lyrics, we can even say the essence of hip hop; now-a-days it’s not about the talent and the substance it’s about the swag and hype. Stevie Crooks is a breath of fresh air.

How did you feel when finished the CSTC Mixtape?

it was definitely a relief took about 1 month to figure out a theme then another month to pick out tracks i wanted to test my abilities on I recorded the whole tape in one day at the studio I started at 2 in the afternoon ended at 7

What climate describe your sound?

imagine Avatar the last air bender off 10 red bulls and Captain Morgan

Every time I see you on stage its like the Incredible Hulk if he can control his rage, What gets you in that mode?

im chill all the way to that moment where i feel its time to crush people ..The aggressive approach is the 90s in me

Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, What game would you want be in as a fighter?

Street fighter! Street fighter alpha 3 to be exact and if anyone thinks they can beat me bring them my way

What do you think about the new era of hip hop?

its doin good i mean underground is making its way back and the essence is seen more from the fan base then the artist ive seen cats get booed for weak commercial tracks so i am happy about the change

Whats your favorite verse on the CSTC Mixtape?

favorite verse by far is track 20-world is yours- the whole track was real as it gets

What’s the difference between Jay Fire & Stevie Crooks?

jay fire was Normal Goku Stevie crooks is SUPER SAYAN VEGETA

Do you sleep with your ski mask?

I can’t answer that at this moment lol “POWER to my VILLAINS”

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