Phlesh Klothing

With a love for anything horror, inspired by the the things people are usually scared of Phlesh Klothing has flipped a scary scene into a more bright flamboyant steeze. Doing the norm in the day letting the inspirations flow and Vampin up at night supporting any and every local artist with networking on their grind. This is a group of three young minds with a diverse of ideas and potential to get to the moon and back…. but for now we’ll let them “Own The Night” show us how bright shoes walk and let their klothing talk …

-Rissacupcake “Cupcakes To Soften Yo Hustle”

also their mixtape dropped on Halloween, if you haven’t gotten it, get it now! click on the covers below to download them for free.



What inspired you to start up a clothing line?

In December of ’07, we were always bein complimented on our seperate styles. So we wanted to bring it all together and start our own wardrobe. So us havin that in common was set, then we needed a theme to set us apart and thats when our love for horror movies came in and ideas started poppin up quick.

What does Phlesh Klothing Represent?

We represent the horror side of phashion, something new. Our clothing is jus like a horror movie, we hit u w/ a simple “Phlesh Is My Phashion” crew neck. Then next a bloody shirt like our “Radio Killer” tee, just tryna keep you guessing what we gonna do next.

We own the night, where did that come from?

“We Own The Night” is seen in many places, but for us its like our vampire saying at the moment. The night time is when we all get together and can relax n let loose after a long day of work and business.You have seen us at events just doing our thing networking and having fun, enjoying the growing sucess we are getting and being very humble.

I know you are into vampires, so how does the life style of vampires connect with Phlesh Klothing?

True; we’re into all horror but vampires is our first love.You will see other horror shirts from us but, this vampire theme we had to get into first. Because it represents us well the only time we really come out is at night, during the day we’re inside grinding whether its handling business or printing up tee’s. So thats why we call ourselves vampires.

How did you feel when you sold your first shirt?

The first shirt, we got the money and was like we accomplished what we wanted to do and officially started a real business. It felt great just seeing our first shirts made. We sold about 10 that first day and were really excited, but we knew that was just the begining. Couldnt get too big headed after only dropping one tee and had to keep customers coming back.

Where do you see Phlesh Klothing going?

Thanks to our many customers and advice from fellow clothing lines and support artist out here. We just see ourselves expanding from more then just tee’s and crew necks. I mean, we’re already inspiring young kids to start their own clothing and subjects their strong in and we are just starting ourselves. So more hard work and business then the only way is up for us is how we see it. Vamp Out.!

-Noa James

4 Comments to “Phlesh Klothing”

  1. Surprise!!! ahhaha i was so humbled when i was asked to write for you guys! i like the way you “Own the Night” playboy… hahahahaa great interview Phlesh Boys! (;

  2. Wow This Interveiw Was Interesting&Very Vamp’ish!

  3. so i jus wanna know who made phlesh clothing like thee name cuz if it was nifty i would rock the shit outta of it !! , it’s dope too yeaaaahh =)

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