Dnyc3 of League of Starz

Check out this exclusive interview for BrickToYaFace.com Danielle T. did with League of Starz producer and producer of Tyga’s hit “Faded,” Dnyc3.

Danielle T. – “Faded” is a really popular song right now, especially on the West Coast. Where were you the first time you heard it on the radio and what was your reaction?

Dnyc3 – I was on my way to work the first time I heard Faded on the radio and they played my tag (Dnyc3 Has Signed On) and I went nuts! I turned my radio to maximum volume and I was dancing and rapping!

DT – How would you describe your ear for music? Your sound as a producer?

Dn – My ear for music is weird because when I listen to a song I really don’t pay much attention to lyrics, at 1st my main focus is the instrumental! My sound is hypnotizing! I like to use build up and breakdowns! I love using bells and heavy 808’s!

DT – Who would you like to see yourself working with in the near future?

Dn – I would like to see my self working with the same people I’m working with now plus big artist such as  Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne, MMG, 2 Chainz and more!

DT – What lead you to producing? Did you ever try pursuing rapping at one point?

Dn – Rapping lead to producing for me! I got tired of rapping over other people beats so I started making my own! From there I left rap alone and began producing full time!

DT – If you could predict your future in another 5 years, what would it be?

Dn- In the next five years I should have a big enough name to where the big artist are looking to work with me!

DT – What makes Dynce stand out from other producers?

Dn – What makes Dnyc3 stand out from others is my sound selection, my persona, my build ups and breakdowns and my quality!

DT – What are your thoughts on the West Coast movement right now? Do you think it’s in a good place?

Dn –  The West Coast movement is in the best place it has ever been for the simple fact we are all on the same page; meaning we are moving as a unit!

DT – Random: With the recent reports of cannibalism, what are your thoughts on a possible “Zombie Apocalypse?” Do you believe it?

Dn – Personally I don’t give a damn about the zombie bullshit! I just want to make music!

Dnyce is also the producer of Tyga ft YG & Kurupt – Bitch Betta Have My Money

keep up with Dnyc3 on twitter and keep an ear out for League of Starz, you’ll be hearing more from them

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