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June 28, 2013

TONIGHT! Phantom Menace w/ Cookbook, DJ Rhettmatic, Noa James & more



-Lesa J.

January 29, 2012

MC Prototype – Chasing Dreams EP Video Campaign

Chasing Dreams: Battle for Verses (Video Campaign)

MC Prototype challenges artists to fill his upcoming EP “Chasing Dreams” with features.

Episode 1: MC Prototype vs. CookBook & UNO Mas (L.A. Symphony)

Episode 2: MC Prototype vs. Scarub (Living Legends)

Episode 3: MC Prototype vs. Trek Life

Episode 4: MC Prototype vs. Ivan Ives

Episode 5: MC Prototype vs. 2Mex

-Lesa J.

August 20, 2010

FIVE Art Show Tonight w/ Trek Life,J Bizness, & No One(Dae One & Noni Spitz)

FIVE – A conceptual art show that will feature five forms of art: spoken word, music, art/graphic art, photography and dance. Providing a full house artistic environment, an event that brings together lovers of art & vision.

Art exhibition starts at 8:00P. Live performances begin at 9:00P.

Live Musical Performances by: Tha Boogie – Trek Life – JBizness – Mike Anthony
Spoken Word Sets by: Hiram Simms – Akeyla Aluko – Mykisha Thomas
Art & Digital Art: Upendo – Rondoval Sandoval – Jarvis Taylor – illadelphsouL

Photography: Christopher Smith – Ameer Idris Espy
Dance: DJ Buddy & YOU!

Special screening of “Unfaithful” by No One (Noni Spitz & Dae One) introduced by Tiana Mandrigues

Complimentary Wine. $5 Beer and Well Drinks

Gourmet Food Trucks: Fresh Fries & Nana Queens

Vendors: Mara Diakhate Jewelry
Wishbone Cigars

August 3, 2010

DJ Buddy – The Los Angeles New @ Ninety Two (Mini Mix #92)

DJ Buddy – The Los Angeles New @ Ninety Two (Mini Mix #92)

-Lesa J.

July 28, 2010

Trek Life Speaks The Truth!!!!

This is some ish, Trek Life is one of the hardest MC’s but talent get overlooked now days. But its cool cause what we called real hip hop its on the way back. Shout out to BeatsnCrates for the footage.

July 28, 2010

West Cov Legend TREK LIFE x TakingYouOver x LA Stereo

So Jasmin (TakingYouOver) & I went to Trek Life’s album listening party. The performance was very energetic. The whole West Cov was on board: J Bizness, Jansport J, Hawdwerk + Basicali, Tommy Blak, etc. We then interviewed the man himself and were able to admire Jansport J’s natural ability as a host. Trek Life goes in deep about his album, mad tour stories, Soulja Boy, how & why he got into the game, his relationship with producers Oddisse & J Biz, etc. Basically you get to spend ten minutes with the West Cov legend himself. COP HIS NEW ALBUM EVERYTHING CHANGED NOTHING that dropped yesterday.  Don’t forget to check the rant above enthused by the “Biz rants on Twitter” – L.A Stereo T.V

July 27, 2010

Oddisee -West Coast Beat-Tape hosted by Trek Life

The beat-tape also feat two full tracks, “Get In Touch,” feat Richard Wright, Belvi & J.Bizness and “So Supreme,” show how the blending of Oddisee’s beats back up Trek Life’s lyrical flow. Even though “Get In Touch” will not be on the full LP, it embraces the same theme as the album and is a good indication, along with “So Supreme” of the high quality of the music Trek Life and Oddisee have been making together.

Oddisee -West Coast Beat-Tape hosted by Trek Life, out now!

July 20, 2010

Trek Life – Before Everything Changed Mixtape (free download)

Trek Life – Before Everything Changed mixtape mixed by Tommy Blak and hosted by J. Bizness.  The mixtape features rare material and plenty of collabs with other indie artists. Something for us until he drops his album Everything Changed Nothing.

Trek Life – Before Everything Changed Mixtape

-Lesa J.

July 17, 2010

Trek Life – So Supreme (video)

-Lesa J.

June 27, 2010

Scholar Apparel and End Of The Block Presents – Taste Makers mixed by Tommy Blak (free download)

Scholar Apparel and End Of The Block Presents – Taste Makers mixed by Tommy Blak | bandcamp

-Lesa J.