it’s The Common Ground


it’s The Common Ground is a performance venue located at The Vibe – 1805 University Ave, Riverside CA. We are the 1st & 3rd SUNDAY of each month! We only do performances, all types of performances, hip hop, R&B, bands everything! We are The Common Ground for all music genres.


To perform at it’s The Common Ground please send an email to with 2-3 songs or an online link to stream your music (bandcamp, soundcloud ect.), performance footage, a short bio & all sites/social site info. Only shows with headliners involve presale tickets, regular booking doesn’t. *when sending links, please send specific songs, such as songs you perform, do not submit a full project and if you’re emailing us for an artist please let that be known also*


When we book a headliner, such as Ab-Soul,Murs,Pac Div,Speak,Skeme, A$ton Matthews, Joey Fatts,Curtiss King, Stevie Crooks,Noa James,Cashius Green,PheoThurz, 2Mex,Reverie.  just to name a few, there are slots open for artist but presale tickets are involved. There will be a minimum amount of tickets you must sell but you get a piece of each ticket sold; that amount you get depends on how much the tickets will cost. Follow us on twitter @BrickToYaFace or for updates on headliners.

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