Marissa – Cupcakes To Soften Yo Hustle

A younger sister we would both love to have. So creative, passionate, humble & caring.  She makes the BEST cupcakes ever and she even makes sugarfree ones for Noa; red velvet sugarfree cupcakes at that.  YES! believe it.  She’s very fortunate to have a family that is supportive and is welling to help her with her baking and crafts.  She gets mad love, not just because her cupcake necklaces are dope but it’s because she’s a real genuine person.  Chris and her remind me of a younger version of Noa and I, a couple that supports one another, holds each other down & works through issues.  Noa always tells me “Marissa’s like the Paula Deen of art.”

What does Cupcakes To Soften Yo Hustle mean?
As for me Cupcakes To Soften Yo Hustle means…”Everyone has a hustle it doesn’t matter who you are or what it is. To me I like to believe no matter what you do in life there’s a little hustle living in ya’, some way some how whether your the rich man or the poor hustling… and sometimes you hustle too hard it flips that potential good person into a bitter person and that’s where the meaning Cupcakes To Soften Yo Hustle comes in, cause you need that sweetness in your life to soften you up… stay grounded and bring you back to humble… hence, CUPCAKES (or anything, sweet.) ” I mean it’s not even out of the ordinary, really tho… How many people do you know that can use a few cupcakes in their life?

I know you paint and do other artistic work, what made you focus on the Cupcakes?
Arts &crafts have always been in my nature… As for my Cupcakes, the saying came well before the jewelry, I’d even add a tiny little cupcake in my paintings, sticker slaps, photos, graphics, homemade tote bags… but once I sculpted out my first cupcake and blogged it, it became a huge demand and it suddenly became a little business I truthfully wasn’t even ready for… but since then I’ve realized my saying alone has caught on to a lot more people than i thought… with that said I love that fact that it’s something I’m great at doing and in the midst of my talents and creating a cupcake I can soften a hustle with just a little something to accessorize with…

I know of another person that does Cupcake jewelry too, what makes yours different from theirs?
hahahaha I’m passionate baby! With every single cupcake, I’ve got so deep into what I’m doing that it’s to the point where in the midst of crafting just one i’ve mastered the frosting swirl to the T! lol but, I put my love into each piece, I mean you tell me… How often do hear that a cute little cupcake soften’d a grown man’s hustle? just that feeling alone makes my cupcakes one-of-a-kind I put no limit on them…

What’s the best thing about making the Cupcakes?
Dang let’s see… creating them alone takes me to my high. Anybody passionate about what they do knows that “Zone” is amazing… the best thing about making the Cupcakes? it’s got to be.. the person it’s made ME… honestly tho, that’s what I love the most. I know you think “She’s crazy! cupcakes only add carbs to her body!” hahaha Noo these cupcakes have humbled my soul… the idea came one day with one of my best friends ever and I’m humbled by the fact that I’m coming out with a whole lot more genuine friends in the flesh and thru internet waves than i started… I also love that fact that I’ve sold to many guys too, something i strongly thought was more a ladies jewel became unisex the minute my black cupcakes were on a gold rope chain… it’s a blessing really….

I know you make doughnuts and lips also, do you plan on expanding to other things?
Oh of course just about everyday I’m creating “To do list” and brainstorming, crafting, trying new things all the time! I think I spend more time with Art Supply stores than i do with my man! hahahah I mean when I say “crafting is in my nature” please believe the juices are always flowing, ideas smack my in my dreams… there’s no stoping now!

Where do you see yourself going with your Cupcake jewelry?
Honestly, I didn’t even see myself here, so i feel like God’s taking me to a whole lot more place and he’s telling me to not even make plans cause this will be a wild ride… I’ve never dreamt of doing jewelry, I’ve never even dreamt of baking some of the tastiest cupcakes, NEVER! Let’s just say I don’t doubt myself in ANY direction I take this… I believe I got here cause God and my effort… so with a littler bit of effort I think I can be everywhere with my cupcakes… like I said I put no limit on them.

What’s your favorite type of Cupcake? (as in to eat lol)
Oh wow! hahahaha Mmmm there’s so many flavors/ frostings/ sprinkle/ inside feelings… &imma go with MY homemade Red Velvet cupcakes, cause I’ve mastered those babies, all the way to the cream cheese frosting swirl too! OMG! there’s nothing like a Red Velvet cupcake with a green tea latte!

Name 5 songs that describe your Cupcakes.
hahah some love songs cause if you know me i’m pretty much married to the cupcakes!
Santogold – Creator
Happiness- Foreign Exchange
Golden- Jill Scott
Kiss of Life- Sade
Everything is Everything- Lauryn Hill “Lets love ourselves then we cant fail To make a better situation Tomorrow, our seeds will grow All we need is dedication”

What Gangsta rapper needs a Cupcake to Soften his Hustle?
Gangsta rapper? Dang I’m really stumped! I don’t want to limit it to just one rapper… I’d probably make a batch of like 24 different kinds of cupcakes and have Snoop Dogg share with all his homies at his next summer bbq, soften 24 rappers and their many different hustles!

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10 Comments to “Marissa – Cupcakes To Soften Yo Hustle”

  1. GO RISSA! ;)
    mama ink showing you love!

  2. I love this girl, and she’s got sweet cakes too! Thanks Rissa for making my neckline look fly.

  3. Wow, her analogy of cupcakes was so deep. I love it and I would love to have 1 made with a barely broke insignia. I will pay whatever it takes especially to support a person with a fun-loving passionate heart full of compassion. I love the concept and cannot wait til everyone else gets to be blessed with a cupcake for the soul.

    Thank you Marissa, Sincerely Darron a.k.a Proverb

  4. Blessings Noa &Lesa you guys are truely friends… &of course sugar free we trynna keep a good man fit &healthy!

    hahahaha I’m fronting holding in my excitement! lol Artist of the week? lol Woooop Woooop!

    thank you for kind words Renee, Mama Ink, &Darron… “it humbles my soul”

  5. i have yet to meet her in person, but i see her work hanging for all the neck lines in the I.E. keep up the good work!

  6. i love this gurls work! She is also very humble and has deep appreciation for hip hop, and art!

  7. Excellent interview….Marissa’s hustle is obviously from the heart, sooo dope.

  8. I love how thru every little part of her strive towards softening hustles, she stayed true to herself.

    soft hustles for everyone!

  9. At first I thought I wasn’t cool enough to understand what her motto meant. I would then compensate for my lack of coolness by hustling even harder. But its tough trying to survive the mean streets of Smallville, UT, and I eventually became a bitter and cynical person. That all changed when I realized that all I needed was a hustle-softening cupcake in my life. Thank you, Marissa–yer a doll!!!

  10. creator would best describe it i believe =) keep it up girl

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