Magnificent Ruffians

The essence of Hip Hop is how I describe Magnificent Ruffians. Two emcees and a DJ, songs consisting of hard lyrics, witty word play and SwayDeeze cuts. It’s rare to see a group with all the essence of Hip Hop in it. To me, this is not a Hip Hop group more like a wrecking crew. The stage presence is unbelievable, the energy is raw and the music is passionate. Mag Ruf is the symbol of Inland Empire just like Dirty Birdy, Sly Boogie, 40 Glocc and Dr. Stank. They are about to release their fifth album, Elevated Ruffians, a collab album with Elevated Soul; they are still those humble dudes that hop in cyphers at events even dance cyphers with Brother Dvooa and Les. We appreciate good music, so we appreciate, Magnificent Ruffians.



“MAGNIFICENT RUFFIANS” Where did the name come from?

Specific – We got the name from an old classic martial arts flick. peep it… it’s dope! lol


How did you meet Elevated Soul?

Specific – we were invited to a studio session with our homie ENO.D of the Othas crew and we connected like that. the Elevated Soul camp was feeling our vibe so they approced us about doing a colab album. about a year and a half later… ‘BAM” it’s here!


How do you feel about Inland Empire music?

Master Chief – For atleast the past 10 years the hip hop scene have made some changes in the Inland Empire, some bad and some good. As far as the hip hop side of the music, collectively the artists in the I.E. has grown significantly. We have sharpened our tools and approach to everything. We’re hosting our own events and dong our own shows. We may not have as many venues as we did about 7 to 10 years ago but the venues we do have to let our voices be heard is developing and growing lovely. We have over the past decade or so become a force to be reckoned with, and that goes as far as the emcees go and the producers that we have out here. If we were to put all the camps together out here there wouldn’t be anyone or team from the right here on the West Coast to the East Coast that would be able to stop us period point blank. What i have seen more of over the last couple of years is that more and more artists are supporting each other, and that’s the business.


This is you 5th album, what make you keep on doing this music?

Specific – First and formost… the Love! We love hiphop and we love doing our thing. so to stop rappin right now would be like suicide! it would just not be the busienss. ha ha! or philosophy is simple… if your going to record it then put it out! so all this rappin and doing 100 songs is cool but unless you press your shit up and put it in the streets and in the hands of the people then… your cutting yourself short! we rap to be heard, not to just feel ourselves. Everything we record has to come out eventually. that is how we look at it and that is why we are 5 albums deep now.


With this album, what do you want the people to take from it?

Master Chief – What i would like people to take from this album is the same thing that i take from it as a fan, and that’s the variety of styles and angles that we’re coming from. This is to date our most personal and most emotionally involved album ever and it’s lyrical too at the same time. I can’t forget to mention that its a double album that too. We take you from Puberty lol to baby mama drama, love and heart ache through love that’s lost thru death. We take you to an era of Reniassance to pimping and back to reality. Those that have seen us do our thing thru out the years have experienced our growth on this one times 9.


Finished this sentence however you like. – Whack Mc’s Get____________.

Specific – Whack Mc’s get too many passes! back in the day, if you were wack, niggaz would tell you. now ah days, cats will let it pass just to be politically correct and shit. Fuck that!!! we need to increase the standards in this hiphop shit again. the OG emcees need to start dissin the wack B/S that is coming out right now. Us underground emcees do it all day. but we are not at the top so you usually don’t hear us. We need a major voice to put everything on plast! just like Jay Z’s D.O.A just did. now other dope rappers in the game need to follow up with there own type of diss to the bullshit!


How do you feel about hip hop youth?

Specific – i feel hiphop is a beautiful thing and it is just lacking skills right now. but what goes around comes around so raw shit will make it’s way back to the top but it will take time. to me its all about guidence. We have to show the next generation how to do it right. if not, then you have a bunch of cats who are not even knowing what real skill is. We can’t be mad at that if we didn’t do anything to help the situation. just like a parent teaching there kid… you can teach them threw kindness or you can teach them by whooping they ass!!!! you pick one little niggaz! ha ha.


Master Chief – I agree with Specific that these kids need guidance and if they have none then they will just do some bullshit and next thing you know we’ll be like what happened here, and we’ll be partly to blame. But you know what you have to give em some credit though for being creative, cause they are being creative. It’s just not what we would call real or hardcore or even relevant hip-hop.


Finished this sentence however you like – Whack Producer Can Go_________.

Master Chief – hahaha Whack producers can go back in the lab and should be locked up in there  and not be allowed out until they got some hot shit to offer the game. Another possibility is that they can or should just try something different if what they’re doing isn’t working for em.

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  1. thanks for doing this piece. here’s a link to a streaming tunepak of the Magnificent Soul LP maybe you would consider doing a review on the site:

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    big up and thanks again for your support.

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