Jansport J

From his The 2am Tape to American Gospel to the upcoming High Power project; you can say Jansport J is one of the hardest working producers in show biz.  His beats can pull you in, snap your neck and smooth you out. To me that’s what a producer should have in their beats catalog, all different types of beats. I can say Jansport J is not only a great producer but also a great person from the first day I met him in 07 at Building Blocks; very humble, passionate about his craft and this culture.  



What’s Harder Being an Emcee Or Producer?

I can’t say either one is that hard, I’m just that damn talented (joking…kinda…naw im joking). I guess its more of a question one am I more motivated to do, and thats definitely production. Production is definitely my passion. Rapping is more of the occasional outlet with my group The Bench Mob. I’m thinking about production all day long. Can’t say that about writing.


How do you feel about socal music scene?


The LA Scene right now is nuts. Everybody is making moves out here, I always liken it to a renaissance. The beautiful thing is that EVERYBODY from all camps are checkin for each other. You can go to an LA show and see a UNI, Bishop Lamont, Pac Div, Diz Gibran, Blu all supportin each other.


Where do you want this music to take you? 


My life goal is to make a living off of music. I am in love with Hip Hop. People say it…but there is rarely a moment in the day where I’m not doing or thinking something music related. All I want to do is affect somebody’s life with my music the way that my favorite artists/producers have changed my life. So if I can do that, and pay bills, live comfortably, I’m good.There is nothing else that I’d rather do.


What Dinosaur describe your Sound? And Why?


Hands down, a brontosaurus. Brontosaurus are kinda monstrous, but laidback, since it’s a known fact that they’re herbivores. I like to think that I have beats that have knock like the steps of a brontosaurus. And some laidback vibe as well…like herbivores. But head and shoulders above the rest, like the neck of a brontosaurus. Sorry I nerded you out, I never claimed to be cool. 


Independent Or Major, What do you preferred?


Personally, at the stage I’m at, I’d prefer to go Independent route and establish relationships with major label artists. There is no real pressure for producers to sign major label deals. We’re allowed to float alot more, cultivate contacts, and collect checks. But that’s not to say I’d never want a Major label deal…I’m just not ready yet.


Dream Collab? 


Lupe or Common. Those are 2 of my favorite emcees. I have some joints for you Lupe. I know ya homegirl Kaycee from FNF. I’m gonna flood her inbox until I hear some dumb triple-layered metaphors on one of my beats.


What you think about the jerk movement?


It is what it is. Not for me. At the same time, I don’t wanna be the old nigga hatin on the younger kids. They looked at us crazy when we were in high school harlem shakin and c-walkin, so i guess this is their movement.


Whats in your Ipod? And What Artist will never be in your Ipod?


Bunch of unreleased tracks. Beats. Diz Gibran’s album. Every month or so, I get an urge to listen to some old 80s record. So I actually have Bobby Brown’s “Don’t Be Cruel” album in my ipod at the moment. Bobby was killin! You won’t find any country music, Webbie, or Boosie in my ipod.




4 Responses to “Jansport J”

  1. thats my son! watch for a new leak coming real soon…

  2. jansport has been putting out some heat, happy to see him want to put the 626 on the map, sick how he shouted out that dude jowell, i knew him when he was starting with the antidotes, crazy to see these guys getting big

  3. Thast wassup been checking J from his twitter account. Hope he does something good with those beats on a big level.


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