DJ C’est La Vie

The hardest working woman I know; in everything she does. Currently working on her masters degree, works a 9 to 5, 5 days a week and DJs randomly throughout the week. Humble, caring, kind and a beautiful person inside and out. Great song selection and can keep a crowd moving at a dance club or underground spot. There’s no gimmicks, she rocks fresh gear, tight kicks and spins dope shit! She’s the perfect example of someone who loves hip hop and everything it stands for. She hasn’t been DJing for too long but she is surely on her way to making a mark in the DJing industry. You can’t not have love for this girl once you get to know her; we’re always welcomed at her house, we can hit her up for anything and she even gets on Noa about his diabetes.  If our Black Could fam was the Captain Planet cartoon, she’d be Mother Earth.

How long have you been DJing and why did you start?

Hmmm, this is always a tricky question for me. As a female in the hip-hop scene, I always wanted to contribute to one of the elements.  I couldn’t break dance (yes, I’ve tried, ahaha), mcee, beat box, or write ill graffiti, so I figured “Hey, I’ll learn how to DJ, and I can blend and mash-up all the songs I Love so much”!!! I remember purchasing my turntables with the help and guidance of my good friend DJ sourMILK about 3 or 4 years ago (because I didn’t even know where to begin).  I wanted to “DJ” at that time, but I ended up collecting vinyl and practicing every now and again in my room instead. It wasn’t until last year (2008) that I found myself truly putting a lot of time and energy into practicing.  It became my therapy; when I couldn’t sleep @ night, I’d practice; when I didn’t want to go out and be social on the weekends, I’d practice.  It just became a way to take my mind off of everything and it was something I genuinely enjoyed!! I didn’t pursue an actual DJing career until November of 2008 when I was approached to be a guest DJ @ The Get Up in LA, which is organized by: DJ Joelskee, DJ Jwon and A-rod.  After that event, I linked up with my lovely partner in this DJ game, DJ cornBREEZE and I joined the Crates X Coffins crew, the rest is History……

Whats your favorite genre to spin?

My favorite genre to spin @ this moment would have to be 90’s hip hop and 90’s R&B.  I am an 80’s baby and 90’s kid, so I love playing records that bring back all those good memories from my childhood, junior high, and high school days!!!

Who are your influences?

This list could go on forever, because there are soooooo many DJ’s and artists who inspire and influence me to do what I do, especially other female DJ’s.  At this moment, I will just list those who I know personally and who truly have impacted my DJing career first hand: DJ Joelskee, DJ cornBREEZE, DJ sourMILK, DJ J-Won, My entire BLACK CLOUD music fam (Noa James, Lesa J, Captain, Jynxx, Yasin, Seis, Renee). I see everyone on their grind and bringing me along with them and it influences me to keep doing what I’m doing.

Whats the best thing about being a DJ?

Ummmm, being THE DJ!!!!!!! Ahaha

How do you feel about being in a male dominated industry?

It can be intimidating at times.  The biggest thing for me is respect.  I would love to be in this industry and get respect for being a good DJ, not for being a good “female DJ”.  Make sense? It can be rough at times but so far the men in the scene have treated be with the utmost respect and I’m thankful for it!!

How do you balance school, work & DJing?

GOD.  I put forth all of the effort and he takes care of the rest.  It sometimes seems impossible to balance the workload of a Master’s program, working 5 days a week (including weekends) and DJing several nights a week, but its all working out and I am grateful for it. And I also have a GREAT group of friends who keep me motivated and support and follow my DJ career.

Where do you see yourself in the DJing industry?

Putting in as much work as possible and being recognized for the work that I do. Most importantly, I see myself as someone other young ladies can look at and hopefully become inspired by my drive and dedication.

What era of Hip hop would you choose to live in, 80’s, 90’s or now and why?

Well I grew up in the 90’s and I must say, I’d do it all over again!!

How many pairs of shoes & leggings do you own?

I am quite the sneaker head.  I do not know how many pairs of kicks I own, but it’s more than I need, that’s for sure!  I’m not even going to answer the leggings question!! ahaha

What would be 10 songs you would put on a playlist for the First Lady of the United States?

Super random!! Ahaha Ummmmm:
1. Nas feat. Lauryn Hill – If I ruled the world
2. Prince – P.Y.T
3. Nina Simone – Black Is the color of my true loves hair
4. Queen Latifah – Ladies First
5. Young Jeezy feat. Jay-Z & Nas – My President is Black
6. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane – In a sentimental moo
7. Goapele – Closer
8. Bob Marley – Get Up Stand Up
9. Kanye West – Good Life
10. Michael Jackson – Don’t stop til you get enough

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12 Responses to “DJ C’est La Vie”

  1. Dj Cest La is the best. She always finds a way to squeeze some Hiero in her set just for me. Thank you Brick to ya face for keeping it real when choosing the people you feel worthy of interviewing. The I.E. has such amazing independent artists and you nailed it with this DJ. Keep it up Fam!!!


  2. not to mention she is hot as hell !!!!! lol peace

  3. Thank you guys for letting me shine! I truly appreciate this! Much love ALWAYS!! ^_^

    Keep Shinin’,
    C’est la vie

  4. i remember when she was too scarred to DJ and she would hand off gigs to the homies. Now she gets more gigs than me LOL. Do tha damn thang. I low key like to see you succeed.

  5. Wow Dj C’est La Vie is so amazing ( no homo) at whatever she does. so much under her belt and still manages to have time for the 1’s and 2’s

  6. thats my dj

  7. I am really thankful to have met this woman. She is the epitamy of Maya Angelou’s poem Phenominal Woman… Her strength, compassion, tranquility, and peace of mind always establishes a nurturing ambience to the presence of anyone.

    Thank you LOVE

  8. Happy to see her get the recognition she deserves. She’s been paying dues and working hard to perfect the craft. This is only the beginning. Very proud of you.


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