Curtiss King

In this game we call Hip Hop, to stand out you must do something different; you must create your own style.  It can be by the way you dress to the type of music you make.  Just be creative, do you and don’t be afraid to be different.  Curtiss King defines that, like his song Any Request? sampling Will Smith on Fresh Prince of Bel Air making music by tapping on glasses of water.  Also his creation of Blog-Hop which you will learn more about in the interview.  Today, his album Storm on Mars drops, it’s available for free download (at the end of the interview click on his picture to download it).  On Friday he will be having his album release show at the Crash Lounge in Chino CA (5540 Schaefer Ave, Chino, California 91710) , performing along with him will be Dana La Rock, Reign Major & The Hii Hatts. Curtiss King is what you call a breath of fresh air; humble – check, hungry – check, dope lyricist – check and good music over all – check!

What is blog-hop about?

Blog-Hop is the answer to years of me saying my music was a genre unknown. Because I have so many influences musically, I’ve always found it hard to place my music in a box like underground, mainstream, hipster, pop etc when all in some form have had an influence on my music. So naturally with every sub genre of Hip Hop now finally making a full transition to the internet via Myspace, Facebook, and Blogsites I saw “Blog-Hop” as a genre and culture that would represent all those genres, instead of divide them.

 What made you want to become an emcee?

Well straight up and down I was a loaner in Middle School, extremely shy in front of crowds, awkward & insecure, but even then I wanted to be heard. I use to always write my thoughts in poetry on the low low back then when it wasn’t so cool for guys to do it. lol And eventually in High School when I fully conquered those insecurities at CURTISS middle school, (hence Curtiss King) I started to recite my poems to instrumentals and saw Hip Hop as my way to finally be heard.

 Were you a producer before an emcee?

Not at all. I actually never wanted to have to make my own beats! But at the time local producers were charging between $300 and $600 for even non exclusive beats. Smh. And I was just a high school kid catching the bus around and recording on my homeboy’s boombox tapedeck. So eventually out of boredom and brokeness I started making beats on MTV Music Generator on my Playstation 1. lol. Just picture a Radio Shack mic laying against Tv speakers…now press record.

If your swagg was an animal, what animal would it be?

A Unicorn, because I swear up and down a swagg on me doesn’t exist. I’m so not the cool guy at the party making witty jokes. I usually just play things cool and laidback until it’s time for me to go in. Give me the limelight and I’mma kill at whatever I’m doing to the surprise of anyone around. So yeah…I guess a Killer Unicorn. lol

 Describe your sound.

Big drums, Big hooks, Feel good melodies, and always expecting of the unexpected.

Beat wise: I’m Heavy on synths and Drums & lite on samples.

Lyrically: Aggressive as 2pac with an Andre 3000 influenced delivery that can be as sing along as Kid Cudi.

 If you could bring an artist back from the dead, who & why?

2pac, because I believe had that brotha been given the opportunity to expand musically he would have rewrote what it means to be an emcee from the West Coast. He had so many dope outlooks on how the world around him should be. Not to mention homey’s work ethic was so inspirational.

If you saw Oprah in a two piece and she needed some sunscreen, would you rub it on her?

Psssssh, hell yeah. And if my girl got mad I would ask her “How many billionaires have you rubbed oil on today? Exactly. I’m looking out for us!” lol Oprah is fine.

How did you come up with the name, Storm on Mars, for your album?

Well after the release of my last album I had some pretty rough months afterwards. I had a battle with walking pneumonia, extreme financial issues, as well as family, friend, and relationship issues. It got so bad that folks were saying that I basically fell off the face of the Earth. And I sort of did in order to get my mind and heart right. So “The Storm On Mars” was what I came up with that best represented my journey to search and find my happiness in those turbulent times.

 How did you feel when your project was fully finished, mixed, mastered and all?

I couldn’t stop smiling. It was a 2 year vision that was both wrote and recorded in two weeks. It was one of my proudest moments because I made something from the heart and everyone who heard it loved it.

If you could perform anywhere on earth where would it be and why?

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. When I can pack 93,000 people that’s when I know I’m truly being heard. Until then the grind continues

click photo to download his new album Storm on Mars! Myspace

c king

4 Comments to “Curtiss King”

  1. Such dope questions…thank you again for the oppurtunity ya’ll. Look forward to seeing ya’ll and your peoples at my I.E. debut Friday!

  2. a “killer unicorn”, i love it. Great interview.

  3. How many billionaires have you rubbed oil on today? …good one!…grind hard fam!

  4. LOL – the award for the freshest, most unique interview question ever goes to you for the one about Oprah! lmao

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