Art Barz

Art Barz is as real as it gets, from his music to his personality. You can listen to his music and know him personally without meeting him, he really put his life in his music. His love for hip hop can’t be question cause you see it through his grind and ambition. Art Barz has tap into the emotion of his fans, you can understand everything he says, his storytellin ability is amazing; on Dying to Live he shows that ability from start to finish. Art Barz is the newest member of the Black Cloud Music family, he is now one of my closest friend, in and out of music. To me, Art Barz deserves to have all his dreams come true, he is an outstanding person all around, being humble and not letting foolish pride get in his way, which is not seen a lot now-a-days; he is the definition of a true hip hop artist.

-Noa James

How did you get the name Art Barz?

When I first started rapping I went by the name Dashin, but after I fell out with the indie label I was working with I decided I wanted to start fresh. My real name is Arthur Barnes, so that’s where I kind of got it from. I feel my music is my Art and it is express through my Barz so that’s what it means.

I can tell your music is life, without music where would you be in life?

I really have no idea. My music is my everything, without it I would surly be lost. I’m they type of person that music can change my mood. If I’m feeling sad and play a song my mood can change the second that song comes on.

After you did the Forever Track, what closure did it bring you?

Man that song is one of the realest songs I ever wrote. Like only my Ex’s really know everything I’m talking about. The one I’m talking to on the forth verse I was with for four years. She heard the song and hit me up on myspace. We talked and it made me feel a lot better about everything that happened. Every other relationship I was pretty much over by time I wrote the song.

Why do you think Hip Hop is Still alive?

Hip Hop never died. Hip Hop is alive and well because of artist that still believe in the art of it. Not just it’s a quick way of getting rich. The reason I fell in love with Hip Hop was because of the great artist that wrote what they believed or told great stories about life, good or bad. I listen to a lot of new artist now that love hip hop. As long as there are artist like that Hip Hop will never truly die.

What would music be without Michael Jackson?

First off, before I wanted to rap I wanted to be Michael Jackson. I remember watching Moon Walker and thinking Michael could really turn into a car. Michael was the greatest ever. His music is timeless and will alway inspire millions. I don’t care what anyone say’s about him, his music is what matters and will live forever. I know videos and black music period wouldn’t be what it is today without him.

In the Present day, are you dying to live?

I will alway be dying to live. What dying to live means to me is always wanting to better your situation and following your dreams no matter what. No matter how much success I see I will always want more. I want to be able to change lives.

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-Lesa J

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