9Grand Clothing

When you break this philosophy down, you have 1 idea, 9Grand. The label was collectively formed by 4 initial partners. Two of the original partners passed away January 17, 2003 in a terrible car accident, and one was severely injured. 9Grand was established with an initial nine thousand dollar investment.

Ninegrand was the only thing that our two partners were able to contribute to the company before their time was cut short. The accident left everyone involved in the lives of these young men devastated, discouraged and later, determined.

Determined not to let the memory of their family, friends, husbands etc., fade out of existence. With a new found vigor, resolve and outlook about the future, two more brains were added to the foundation. 9Grand is a company that utilizes everyday to the fullest in order to produce quality garments for a cognizant consumer.

9Grand signifies the struggle, strife, devastation and pain that we are feeling as a result of the tragedy that we have experienced. 9Grand also symbolizes the strength, determination, creativity and confidence we have acquired to tackle the journey ahead…

Here is footage of their event on June 13th, it was the grand opening of their pop up shop in the Humidor Boutique in Upland, enjoy!



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